The Next Generation


Walking into the room filled with the 12 or so juniors and seniors from the Archer School for Girls, you can immediately feel the energy in the room. We were excited too! We love having the girls back each year for their annual Career Day. We learn just as much from them as we hope they do from us, leaving our staff incredibly refreshed and inspired.

This year, we started by sharing a cool & easy way to make friendship bracelets. We got to see how creative the girls are, each of them totally has their own sense of style. One thing they definitely taught us… this generation is MOTIVATED! So many of them are already tapping into their skill sets and potential career paths: graphic design, artist, accounting…pastry chef!

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The girls get to tour Dogeared, talk to our team and learn about how we design and produce all of our jewelry right here in this building. They design their own card concepts, some even drew their own charms (and wow, were they impressive)!

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Nothing feels quite as good as knowing you’ve touched the lives of the next generation. As the day is coming to a close, one of the girls asks, “Do you ever take on interns?” The entire room of girls chimes in, raising their hands, “Because we all want to work here!”