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Everyday Obsessions: Marcia Maizel-Clarke


As Dogeared’s Founder, Owner and Creative Force, Marcia (or as we call her, MMC) fills her life with good things that keep her inspired. From the angel cards that she never lets out of her sight, to her go-to chardonnay, to her vegan-friendly local farmer’s market, MMC’s passions rooted in spirituality, her community, and healthy lifestyle have all helped define the Dogeared that goes beyond the jewelry. Here’s what she’s coveting this season:MMC-Obsessions-Fall-2014-FNL

Shop MMC’s Favorites:


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Travel Diaries: Cambodia


Merlin Clarke, Owner and Head of Happenings at Dogeared, and his daughter, Grace, recently took a give-back trip to Cambodia to spend time at Hope for Justice, an organization dedicated to ending human trafficking and slavery among young women around the world.


Sightseeing near the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh.

IMG_0855  IMG_0828

Their journey began before this trip was even planned—70% of Dogeared employees are currently supporting Hope for Justice by personally providing monthly donations that are matched by Dogeared. This sponsorship has completely funded 2 of the newest girls to the program and provides them full access to therapy, education, medical care and more.


Receiving blessings bracelets after visiting the Temple at Angkor Wat.


Our travel diary: My daughter had the week off from school and wanted to go somewhere and do something good. It makes me proud as a father that she wants to do more. As part of our commitment as a certified B-Corporation and the community at large, Dogeared employees participate in charitable services through investment and volunteer work. Hope for Justice is one of those foundations, and I was compelled to visit them and see the amazing things that they’re doing for these young women.


Working directly with the girls was incredibly rewarding, but also the most difficult part of our trip. Our goal was to share some love, joy, fun and build connections with these inspiring young women.


Merlin was moved when one of the girls talked about their visit:

“This week was very special to me.  I wish we could do this all the time with different projects. It would be so fun!  My favorite thing this week was drawing and painting pictures.  I painted birds and a house… the house I will live in one day.  It’s so pretty!”


Despite the language barrier, it really felt like we were able to communicate with the girls on an emotional level . We also had the opportunity to visit a non-profit sustainable jewelry company, Penh Lenh (meaning ‘whole and complete’). The company works with the girls as therapy to provide a valuable skill they can take out into the world. There’s so much opportunity for Dogeared to train, help and mentor this business  as we continue our partnership with Hope for Justice. It’s such a natural fit for us and we’re excited for what’s to come.


After returning, Merlin and Dogeared were compelled to do even more. Dogeared has decided to sponsor the school’s Kamir (language) teacher for an entire year so that he can continue working with the girls on communication skills. We always believe good things happen when people are able to be courageous and help one another.


For more information about Hope For Justice and how you can get involved click here.

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When we launched #goodthingshappen in August, we asked you to share your stories with us of your favorite dogeared and why you love to wear it. We received SO MANY amazing entries, stories & photos and wanted to share some of our faves with you! Share yours on social with the hashtag #goodthingshappen!



@sbond700 | @ky_leighhann | @kaitlinsouthon | @carmenelaine | @kirsteanne

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Eleventh Gorgeous


We had so much fun welcoming the Eleventh Gorgeous sisters to Dogeared last week! YouTube stars Tracy and Stefanie dropped by while in town for the Teen Choice Awards to check out our offices and pick out some jewels for themselves and their fans. The Tuscaloosa-based beauty vloggers (video-bloggers) are hilariously engaging, but even more impressive, they’re truly inspiring. Not only to us, but to an entire generation of millennials that connect with them like they’re part of their own family. With nearly 1 million subscribers and the tagline, #JustBeNice, Eleventh Gorgeous is inspiring a entire generation to be kind to one another. It just takes one video viewing to realize these girls are the real deal. Watch one here: EleventhGorgeous YouTube Channel.

IMG_20140807_161856045_HDR IMG_20140807_161916555_HDR IMG_0027 IMG_0005 IMG_20140807_165313868_HDR IMG_6746 IMG_6749 IMG_6739 IMG_20140807_165556142_HDR

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Beach Day!


Last Friday, we were lucky enough to spend the day as a team at the beach! It was an amazing day spent bonding with coworkers (charades, anyone?) and enjoying all the goodness that Dogeared has to offer. As a company, we know how important it is to have positive energy flowing through everything that we do. Days like this remind us why we all love working here. When we say Dogeared is made with love, we mean it!

IMG_5851 kathy1 IMG_5910 IMG_5905 IMG_5891 IMG_5911 photo 3IMG_5887 IMG_5892 IMG_5904 IMG_5914

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USA Love


As we head into the 4th of July weekend, we’re feeling excitement, patriotism and we’re ready to celebrate! We’ve been rooting on Team USA in the World Cup and we’re definitely feeling the USA love around Dogeared these days. But, it’s YOUR love has kept our dreams alive! Because of you, our commitment as a certified B Corporation to create a beautiful community and meaningful handcrafted designs in the USA has never been stronger.


Handcrafted in the USA

Since our founding in 1991, 100% of our employees and operations are in the USA! We don’t outsource labor or materials. Our headquarters in Culver City, CA currently consists of two large buildings where we handcraft all of our products. That means that everything from design and production, to quality control and packaging, marketing and sales, shipping and customer service… happen here! Having the start-to-finish process in-house allows us to closely monitor daily operations and be able to instantly improve upon both the quality of our products, and the experience for our customers.

IMG_0122 IMG_3284 IMG_0110

Recycled Materials & Local Vendors

Being a part of the B Corp community, we’ve made a pledge to take responsible and meaningful action to be kind to our planet! We’re really into recycling, (did you know we have a garden club?!) and we try to use recycled components and materials whenever possible with our jewelry. 75% of our revenue is generated from products made with recycled materials. Dogeared also sources the majority of our products locally from vendors around Los Angeles, many of whom we’ve known for 10+ years and consider family.

IMG_3562 IMG_3273

Locally Employed & Giving Back

Since the beginning, Dogeared has been a values-driven corporation committed to giving back to the community through partnerships with several nonprofit organizations. Dogeared employees are given 16 volunteer hours per year to give back. We actually have really fun volunteer days, where we head into local communities to offer helping hands. As a B Corp, Dogeared is committed to creating social and environmental change by using business as a force for good. We employ locally to ensure an investment back into the local economy, and we know that it inherently fosters stronger community involvement. Each one of us is excited every time we go into the neighborhoods where we live and are able to give something back.


We love our Dogeared customers and it’s your ongoing support that allows us to continue on our path to make good things happen.


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In The Family: Frankly Basic


Having been in business for over 20 years, we have an extensive close-knit Dogeared family of retailers across the country and worldwide who we love working with! One of our stores in the Kansas City area, Frankly Basic, collaborated with One Sparrow Creative to shoot this gorgeous jewelry story. One Sparrow Creative calls Frankly Basic one of her favorite places to shop and also one of the best places to buy jewelry. Check out how they styled some new Dogeared pieces:

download (1) download (2)  download (3)

(shop the look:  1. balance spiky spear  2. 100 good wishes beaded necklace  3. karma large sparkle ring)

download (4) download (5)

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The Next Generation


Walking into the room filled with the 12 or so juniors and seniors from the Archer School for Girls, you can immediately feel the energy in the room. We were excited too! We love having the girls back each year for their annual Career Day. We learn just as much from them as we hope they do from us, leaving our staff incredibly refreshed and inspired.

This year, we started by sharing a cool & easy way to make friendship bracelets. We got to see how creative the girls are, each of them totally has their own sense of style. One thing they definitely taught us… this generation is MOTIVATED! So many of them are already tapping into their skill sets and potential career paths: graphic design, artist, accounting…pastry chef!

IMG_0056 IMG_0084 IMG_0078 IMG_0085  quoteIMG_0098

The girls get to tour Dogeared, talk to our team and learn about how we design and produce all of our jewelry right here in this building. They design their own card concepts, some even drew their own charms (and wow, were they impressive)!

IMG_0087IMG_0124 IMG_0128

Nothing feels quite as good as knowing you’ve touched the lives of the next generation. As the day is coming to a close, one of the girls asks, “Do you ever take on interns?” The entire room of girls chimes in, raising their hands, “Because we all want to work here!”

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Share the love today! Snap & Tag #makethemoment #dogeared. Need some inspiration? Here’a a few ideas to get you started!

coffee donuts friends handwritten note meter sing a song dog smile volunteer cake

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The Fanicure


We got really into the idea of doing a Broncos/Seahawks “fanicure” for our Super Bowl Super Shop Weekend, so we asked our insanely talented Graphic Design Manager if she thought she could pull it off. Turns out, she could! Kristen hand-painted this unbelievably cool manicure, down to the last neon green, silver glitter detail! We had a ton of fun shooting the campaign and hope you all enjoyed our Fanicure!

photo-3-(3)  photo-2-(3)
fanicure-2 fanicure

Want your own Fanicure!? Follow Covergirl’s easy how-to steps: Go Seahawks! Go Broncos! 

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