Dogeared Picnic

The company picnic was the perfect chance for Team Dogeared to get together and enjoy a beautiful summer day in the park.  The afternoon was filled everything from yummy food (hamburgers and hotdogs from an adorable old fashioned hot dog stand) to lounging in the sun, games, and a company wide water balloon toss (turned fight)!

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Marcia & Merlin

Dogeared co-founders, Merlin & Marcia, are enjoying a beautiful vacation on the East Coast with family and friends. As part of the adventure, a group of their friends decided to bike throughout the Finger Lakes in New York, riding anywhere from 40-60 miles a day. The first stop was Lake Owasco. After a 50 mile haul, the team stopped at the Springside Inn where they were greeted by hotel staffer Nicole. Ironically, she was wearing her favorite graduation present – a Dogeared feather necklace! Sean and Beth, owners of the inn, went out of their way to make the group feel at home!

mix & mingle

At Dogeared we’re all about the love of family! Last Friday, we all took some time out of our day to mix & mingle and get to know each other a little better. Our design, sales, retail and marketing teams got a chance to relax and laugh with each other. Staying connected is such an important part of the Dogeared experience… it’s a good thing we love each other 🙂

The Conjuring

A note from our co-founder, Merlin:

We’re really happy for some good friends of Dogeared who’s movie comes out this week. The Hayes Brothers wrote The Conjuring which is enjoying incredible reviews and is predicted to be one of this years best movies. Regardless of what you believe spiritually, this movie, based on a true story will create lots of discussion about life here and beyond. We suggest you see it with friends and probably not right before you go to bed.

In theaters tomorrow, July 19

B Corp Love

Dogeared loves being a B-Corp! We’re held accountable to being good corporate citizens and that means we get fun visits from our friends at B Lab to see how we’re holding up our end of the bargain. B Lab team members, Jessica and Victoria, stopped by our office last week to check things out. They got a first hand look at what we do for our teams, the planet and our communities. We passed! And Jessica and Victoria took advantage of making their own wish before leaving..a Dogeared tradition! Learn more about B Lab and B-Corps and what we’re all about at

Happy Father’s Day

Our AMAZING Dogeared Dads weighed in on what it means to be a father and the best parts of fatherhood. For their special day this year, we asked them to share their answers with us. Let’s see what they had to say!

Our Dogeared Dad: Jesus, Facilities Manager
Belinda, 6 & Belly, 2 

“I love to see my daughters improve each day!” FUN FACT- “We get ice cream every Sunday at Belinda’s favorite place named ‘La Cascada!”

Our Dogeared Dad: Chris, Quality Control
Nathan, 3 

“Being a father for the first time is the best thing ever! Now I have my little buddy and one day my BBQ grilling assistant!”

Our Dogeared Dad: Merlin, Co-Founder
Jordan, 18 & Grace, 15

“There are challenges to being a responsible Dad. While I still possess the same childlike sense of wonder they enjoy, this tends to blur the line between being a fun Dad and an embarrassing one.”

Our Dogeared Dad: Garr, Managing Director
Priya, 24 & Rory, 22 

“Each day as a Dad just gets better and better!”

Our Dogeared Dad: Omar, Accounting
Jaime, 10 & Angel, 8 

“The fun part of being a dad is that on Saturdays and Sundays there is always a trip to the park or hiking.The kids are two years apart and they both like different sports…so every time we are at the park I have to transform myself into “super dad!” I’m playing football with one but playing soccer with the other. Greatest feeling after every time we spend time together is to hear their little voice tell me ‘THANK YOU DADDY!”

Our NEWEST Soon-To-Be Dogeared Dad: Lewis, Graphic Design
Baby “bean”

“I feel I was born to be a father… I can’t wait to be able to love and teach our “bean” to be the best person he or she can be!”

To our amazing Dogeared Dads and to yours, Happy Father’s Day!
xo, Dogeared

Dogeared Glow!

Glow team Dogeared, GLOW!

A bunch of us decided to be brave and join the highly anticipated Electric Run, a 5k of neon and house music held at the Home Depot Center at night. We definitely had an amazing time prepping for the event buying neon anything and glow sticks that we could place on our arms and legs. We even had Team Dogeared T-Shirts made to glow in the dark!
Pleasantly surprised that Vanessa Hudgens was our countdown maven, we decided to be “athletic” and jog the entire thing. Over 10,000 people navigated their way through neon trees and electronic music. As we made our way through each section of glowing glam and wild effects, it looked just like a scene out of the forest of Alice & Wonderland!
At the finish line, we were greeted with a table of illuminated cups of water and a live DJ on stage beaming with green lasers. We felt like we accidentally ran into a hidden rave! Plus, nothing says ‘Good Race’ like beer and food trucks with dance music and sweaty neon people! Good times!


Bring Your Kids To Work Day

It’s Bring your kids to work Day! This year, Dogeared invited all the kiddies and tots to join us in the office and we were thoroughly entertained to say the least! Here are a few snap shots of our day with the toddlers where we celebrated with cupcakes, art and games!

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