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A Year In The Life…

2013 was a big year for Dogeared. A lot of good karma went out into the world, our commitment to giving back and being a B-Corp had an enormously positive impact in the community, and Team Dogeared is as solid (and sometimes silly) as ever. To celebrate one amazing year and welcome a new one, we captured some of our shining moments to share with the people who make it possible for us to make a difference… and that’s you. Enjoy!

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Happy Halloween!


At Dogeared, we love to get into the holiday spirit! Check out our staff dressed up for our annual Halloween Parade + some hilarious video!


Dogeared’s very own (Sparkle) Karma Angel!


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IMG_3059  IMG_3060
IMG_3053 IMG_3130
IMG_3046 IMG_3048
IMG_3090 IMG_3093
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Free Shipping Forever!!!


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#30DayUSA x Kristen Bell

Actress and environmental advocate, Kristen Bell, spearheaded a social campaign called #30DayUSA in an effort to bring attention to products made in the USA. Dogeared was very excited to be included as one her picks! Being handcrafted in the USA is an essential part of our mission statement, one which we are proud to represent in the ever-evolving industry of fashion.

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SUWN visits Dogeared


We were excited and honored to host the inspiring young ladies from Step Up Women’s Network – a nonprofit membership organization igniting women & girls to fulfill their potential. It was a great day filled with fun, inspiration, brainstorming and a little Dogeared history.


Dogeared Co-Founders, Marcia & Merlin, chat with the girls.

IMG_2180 IMG_2188IMG_2179

Our staff shares stories about their personal career paths, how they got into the industry & what their day-to-day responsibilities are at Dogeared.


A Dogeared Promise hangs in our “Karma Cafe” reminding us of our B Corp mentality

IMG_2192 IMG_2193
Ashley, Director of Marketing, leads the girls in a brainstorming activity. They are asked to create their own Make A Wish concept cards using charms for inspiration. They came up with some great ideas! Pulling from their personal experiences, their background and education. Some of the girls quoted lines from their favorite books and others shared meaningful mantras.

IMG_2194 IMG_2195  IMG_2203 IMG_2207 IMG_2211

It was a truly inspiring day. The girls gained a lot of insight into careers and opportunities in the jewelry world, our team realized the impact of sharing their wisdom and experience has on these girls and Dogeared as a company got to fulfill it’s commitment to being a good citizen within the community.

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International Day of Peace

9-21- International Peace Day v6


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Dogeared Picnic

The company picnic was the perfect chance for Team Dogeared to get together and enjoy a beautiful summer day in the park.  The afternoon was filled everything from yummy food (hamburgers and hotdogs from an adorable old fashioned hot dog stand) to lounging in the sun, games, and a company wide water balloon toss (turned fight)!

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Marcia & Merlin

Dogeared co-founders, Merlin & Marcia, are enjoying a beautiful vacation on the East Coast with family and friends. As part of the adventure, a group of their friends decided to bike throughout the Finger Lakes in New York, riding anywhere from 40-60 miles a day. The first stop was Lake Owasco. After a 50 mile haul, the team stopped at the Springside Inn where they were greeted by hotel staffer Nicole. Ironically, she was wearing her favorite graduation present – a Dogeared feather necklace! Sean and Beth, owners of the inn, went out of their way to make the group feel at home!

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mix & mingle

At Dogeared we’re all about the love of family! Last Friday, we all took some time out of our day to mix & mingle and get to know each other a little better. Our design, sales, retail and marketing teams got a chance to relax and laugh with each other. Staying connected is such an important part of the Dogeared experience… it’s a good thing we love each other 🙂

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The Conjuring

A note from our co-founder, Merlin:

We’re really happy for some good friends of Dogeared who’s movie comes out this week. The Hayes Brothers wrote The Conjuring which is enjoying incredible reviews and is predicted to be one of this years best movies. Regardless of what you believe spiritually, this movie, based on a true story will create lots of discussion about life here and beyond. We suggest you see it with friends and probably not right before you go to bed.

In theaters tomorrow, July 19

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