every pearl has a story…

Pearls of...i remember my first pearls—from my grandpa’s pawn shop in vegas, right next to the golden nugget. old time vegas—a classic time–my grandparents knew everyone in town, and we loved dressing up, and going to the various shows in all the elegant hotels. as a young girl, i was in awe of the lights, connection, and the fact that in the middle of the desert was this isle of fantasy and fun for people of all ages.

my next pearls were from dogeared—we love to use pearls, as their significance is so powerful.  specks of sand that become a rare thing of beauty.  a metamorphosis that speaks to all of us as we grow, learn, stretch, and flow. pearls represent all of that.  we have done hundreds of pearl designs, and my favorite is still the pearls of… a single pearl on a chain that works for every occasion and everywhere i go.  it’s a best-seller, and i understand why.  there is an ease to this pearl necklace–its beautiful design, with a classic timelessness.  it’s ageless.

my next pearls came from my husband—a cultured pearl necklace, put in a baggie in a berry pie, in a coffee shop in west los angeles. we had done a nonprofit event, with one voice during the holidays and my husband, merlin snuck a pearl necklace into the pie and had the server, serve it to me. i cut in, and there it was. gorgeous, and sooo meaningful, as i had mentioned a pearl strand to him in passing conversation, and he made it happen. powerful pearls and the story behind them. something for me to hand to my daughter when the time is right.

what’s your pearl story?