Sorority Style


by Coral Silverberg

At the Pi Beta Phi house in Boulder, Colorado, you’ll never run short of sisters. Nestled between the majestic Flat Irons and artsy streets of the foothills, the Pi Beta Phi house only amplifies the beauty of its surroundings. On a white Janurary day the girls of Pi Phi lounge in the t.v. room with hot chocolate and nutella waffles that even a full stomach finds hard to resist. Known as the biggest house this side of the Mississippi, it’s hard not to feel the love of this old home, but with so many sisters and too many clothes, your things are sure to be shared . We all know keeping all that jewelry stuffed inside of your Lily Pulitzer makeup bag is a no. That’s why the girl’s of the Colorado Alpha have come up with ways to keep your room looking fresh and your jewelry never lost. If you hate tangles, here are just a few ways the girls at the Colorado Alpha Pi Beta Phi have organized their jewelry this season.


Knotted or Nice?

Skelly Saver

How we Organize our jewelry:

While thumbtacks may be a great way to organize your necklaces, those tricky little rings are the ones you really have to keep track of! Since you’re bound to lose one or two here and there, the girls of Pi beta Phi have found this cute and simple way to keep all of your little things in one place. This small butter place is perfect for rings, and earrings, plus the cover helps keeps all of your valuables hidden from your roommate while you’re away! It’s a great way to keep all of your little things in one place, without going over your move-in budget!

Skelly Saver
My obsession with skulls is far from ordinary. I have everything skelly from my Dogeared Make a Wish Skull Necklace down to my very own skull night pillow. So of course when I found this beautiful glass skull for only $4.99 at Target I had to get it. With a desk full of homework piles and water bottles, it has turned out to be my lifesaver. Everything from single earrings to backings that I find trying to escape my dorm, go straight to as I call it, the “Lost and Found”. It’s great for finds on the go, and saves me a lot of hassle from trying to find that other earring when I’m getting ready to go out for the night with my sisters. Although your little coin vase doesn’t have to be a skelly, a cute little decoration like mine can save you and your little jewels from becoming a mess.

Knotted or Nice?
If you are really on a tight budget but hate to see your necklaces tangled, thumbtacks are the way to go. In the house or in your dorm, thumbtacks keep all of your necklaces tangle free without taking up all of your desk space. This cute and simple idea can keep you from looking for your necklaces when you’re in a rush to meet that boy you like at the dining hall. Pair your necklaces with some cute tumblr pictures by your bed, and turn your dorm and your jewels from tousled to tidy. Plus the empty tacks are an easy way to keep track of all those darling treasures you’re missing.

Lazy for Lace
Lastly, if you hate to have your jewelry all over the place, lace is for you. One or two simple strands of lace can keep all of your necklaces, earrings and bracelets in one place. Go to your nearest Micheal’s to find some old vintage lacings to decorate your room (you don’t need much, just a yard or two), pin two thumbtacks on either side, and add a frame for extra flair. The girls of Pi Beta Phi have come up with this easy and adorable way to keep all of your jewelry together, while keeping your room comfortably chic. For all of those long earrings we suggest poking them through the lace rather than hanging them to prevent them from falling.