Layer Love: Silver Necklaces


Finally! The holidays are actually here! There’s a different smell in the air, twinkling lights adorn the trees, and there seems to be a new occasion to get dressed up around ever corner. When you’re getting ready for your next holiday party, reach for the silver! It really stands out against dark colors and with a little added sparkle, you’re sure to catch the attention of the room.

Summer Loves


It’s no secret that the 90’s are back in a big way… crop tops, backpacks, birkenstocks anyone?! But we’re most excited about the return of the choker! We love to layer around here and this super short necklace is the perfect balance to all the mid-length and long necklaces we love to wear. The Free Spirit Beaded Chokers are a current staff favorite and we’re all obsessed with the new Paradise Found Y necklace. Reach new heights with lengths that hit the mark on every level!

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Paradise Found


Nestled on an inlet in southern Mexico, Z’s amazing mountainside provides the perfect backdrop to clear blue waters and white sandy beaches.  If you’ve ever met Dogeared’s founder, Marcia Maizel-Clarke, you’d know that her inspiration comes from the world and people around her.  And it’s this breathtaking scenery along with the vibrant culture that inspired her to create this all-new summer collection, Paradise Found. Here’s the inside scoop on Dogeared Founder, Marcia’s inspiring getaway…

Chakra: The Journey of Mind, Body & Soul


Dogeared was founded upon the idea that jewelry can be made and worn in such a way that it spreads positive energy into the world. With each handcrafted charm, hand-checked necklace, hand-packed box, our jewelry makes its way from us to you with so much love and good energy infused into each piece. We wanted to develop a collection that captured the essence of this energy and the positive power it can have on an individual.


Can a necklace help you stay grounded, open your heart or inspire you to enjoy life to its fullest? The answer is yes. We’re so excited to introduce Dogeared Chakra! In life, in order to achieve the happiness and serenity we strive for, we need to have our minds and bodies in balance. According to ancient beliefs, the key to connecting mind and body lies in the 7 primary points of energy… Chakras.


When these Chakras, each with symbolic, corresponding colors which run along the length of the spine, are enabled to work harmoniously, our bodies become healthier, clearer and more vital. Chakra work helps to open any of your energy centers that are keeping you from achieving optimal health and enlightenment. Each center embodies something different and the opening of each will be based on the area you have chosen to focus on.


We’ll start with the Root and move upwards towards the Crown.

Root ChakraGet Grounded. The Root Chakra represents the foundation upon which we build our sense of self and security. If it is open, you feel grounded, stable and secure.

Sacral ChakraBe Sensual. This chakra is the center for passion and creativity. It represents your sense of abundance and appreciation of pleasure. When this chakra is balanced, your feelings and creative expression flow freely. You will feel open to new experiences and accepting others.

Solar Plexus ChakraBe Confident. When this chakra is balanced, we feel confident and in control of our lives. A person with an open Solar Plexus values themselves and their work, loves and accepts themselves, and can express themselves in a powerful way.

Heart ChakraLove and Be Loved. The Heart Chakra represents emotional openness and your capacity for love and joy. When this chakra is open, we are loving, warm and compassionate. It is our center for generosity. When your Heart Chakra is flowing freely, you are not only loving to others, you are loving to yourself.

Throat ChakraSpeak Your Truth. It represents clear communication and truthful self-expression. As a communication center it not only allows you to express yourself clearly, authentically and truthfully, but it also allows you to listen deeply to another enabling others to also be heard. (pictured below)

Third Eye ChakraOpen Your Mind. The Third Eye represents true vision, wisdom, intuition and imagination. When it’s balanced, it helps our ability to focus and see the big picture. This chakra connects us to our goals, values and to ourself.

Crown ChakraFollow Your Bliss. The Crown Chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. When balanced, we feel connected to the world, everyone and everything in nature. When we feel this connection we have a deep sense of serenity, joy and bliss.


It is said that by clearing any blocks associated with a particular chakra point, optimal health and enlightenment will be achieved. Dogeared Chakras are designed to bring beauty and balance to those who wear them. Choose one corresponding to the Chakra you want strengthened.  Or give one as a most personal and thoughtful gift. Live life fearlessly and wear your chakra daily as a reminder of your life’s journey.



Video by Tessa Neustadt
Mind, Body Healing by Monica Loren

The Circle Continues: New Karma

the circle continues all new karma

Spring feels just within reach and it’s that time of year when we’re all looking for a little style refresh. Enter, The Queen. Our beloved favorite, Karma, is back with lots of new styles, updates and additions to old favorites. The simple delicate circle is a Dogeared signature, exuding style and a positive spirit. Wear Karma as a reminder to keep the circle positive, peaceful and loving. Classic designs and new takes on this bestseller make for the perfect everyday piece. Get to know the new collection:

Karma Rope Ring Necklacekarma-ropekarma-linkskarma large textured interlocking rings necklace, 32"

Interlocking Rings: We are really interested by this idea of interlocking rings, joining two circles together. The new Karma Rope Ring necklace is delicately detailed with a touch of texture. While the Karma Large Textured Interlocking Rings necklace makes a statement. It has that versatile, layer-worthy length with the perfect weight. Three large interlocking Karma rings have their own unique hand-cast texture. This necklace instantly adds dynamic interest to anything you wear it with.

rose-gold-cirlce-faceted gold-circle-faceted

The Circle Necklace: We wanted to add texture with multi-faceted styles. Alone or layered, The Circle Necklace is effortlessly cool, endlessly versatile, and soon to be your go-to necklace.

Triple Ring Karma on Sparkle Chain

K1MG200110999-1 K1MG200110999

Mix Your Metals: We’ve updated the Triple Karma Ring necklace by adding the sparkle chain and offering a mixed metals option. And we’re loving this new Karma Triple Bead necklace! The hammered style of the beads and the color range make it a modern must-have.

K1SS200100899 long-karma-silver

Stand Out In Silver: A faceted circle and hand-cast texture catches the light just right, casting a polished glow.

New Karma Rings

All-New Karma Rings: So delicate and chic, but bold enough to make a statement. The new Karma Circle rings come in either medium or large, smooth or sparkle, silver or gold – and we LOVE them! They capture the classic Karma style you covet, in a modern way that’s right on trend.

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Happy Gems!


It’s the little things that make life colorful! Introducing: Happy Gems! Modern, minimalist little pops of color that instantly liven up your look.  These genuine gemstones are meant to inspire and each have their own meaning. The All-NEW collection includes necklaces to layer, rings to stack, and earrings for every day. Keep the positive energy flowing!

necklacesIMG_7770mood meanings

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