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What Do You Do With Heart: Courtney of Pretty Little Fawn

A little more character, a little more love – it’s the little things that make the season sparkle. Courtney of Pretty Little Fawn tells us about her latest vintage find and her go-to holiday favorites.


What was your last “proof that ‘Good Things Happen’” thrifting find? 

I actually scored majorly just last week. I’ve been hunting for overalls for ages, and finally found a pair that doesn’t make me look like a farmer or a child! They’re just a little bit slim, and perfectly worn in. I’m so excited to shoot photos in them!


What Dogeared jewels will you pair with it?

I would for sure pair it with the hammered stacking rings and the Pearls of Love Necklace! So perfect, simple, and classic.


Describe your holiday style.

I definitely like to glam it up a bit for the holidays. I’m a jeans and tee shirt girl by nature, but a part of me will always really love glitter. I take the Holidays as a chance to basically dip myself in gold and sparkles!


What’s your favorite holiday movie? 

I think this may be on the top of most girl’s lists, but Love Actually never fails to put me in the right mood for the holidays. I pretty much take any chance to stare at Colin Firth in sweaters.


How do you add heart to your holiday? 

I add heart to my holiday by sending Christmas cards every year. It’s such a great tradition that my mom instilled in me, and I really do enjoy siting there and addressing cards to all of my friends and family. It’s very soothing!


What are your uniquely-you holiday traditions?

Because my family didn’t have a lot of money growing up, I got used to the idea of having a small tree, rather than some 8ft tall spruce. So every year I get a little Rosemary bush that’s shaped like a Christmas tree, and put it in my living room. I remember having a similar one when I was a kid, and plus it makes my whole apartment smell amazing!

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What Do You Do With Heart: Molly Madfis of Almost Makes Perfect

She puts a new spin on ultra-creative with sweet style and positive vibes. Almost Makes Perfect talks making with meaning and gifting with love.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

What are you making this holiday season?

I love designing printable gift tags, because I usually hate the ones i could buy. i also love pretty presents under the tree, so this year i decided i’m going neutral and using brown kraft paper with black ribbon and elements from nature like leaves. the prettier the outside of the present, the slower they’ll unwrap it.

Do you have a favorite holiday dish? To eat and/or to make and why?

My husband makes the best chestnut sausage stuffing EVER. i look forward to it all year long. i’m always in charge of dessert and usually try a new thing ever year, but i recently decided i’m starting a new tradition that i’ll being making bread pudding, and then it will be molly’s famous bread pudding and someday mom’s famous bread pudding. i just have to try making bread pudding first.

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Tell us… what’s on the ‘Almost Makes’ holiday mixtape?

I love christmas music so much — the second we pull out the decorations box i blast ‘em. my all time favorite songs are happy xmas (john lennon), santa baby (eartha kitt) and santa clause got stuck in my chimney (ella fitzgerald).

How do you add heart to your holiday? What are your uniquely-you holiday traditions?

I’m reaaaaally into thoughtful gifting. I keep notes on my phone all year long and write down anytime someone mentions wanting or needing something. If someone in my life mentions they don’t have a trivet, they’ll be getting a trivet next christmas.

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What Do You Do With Heart: Stephanie Liu of Honey N’ Silk


With a lovely mix of polished and cozy classics, she’s perfected California style. Stephanie Liu, of Honey and Silk shares with us what she cherishes the most about the holidays.

Curated Blogger Collection | Dogeared


In Southern California, where it’s fairly sunny year-round and the weather rarely differs tremendously, how do you get into the spirit of the holidays?  

I get into the holiday spirit as soon as I bring out my Christmas decorations, like my garlands and gold reindeer statues, and set them around the house. Also, the beauty of sunny weather all-year-round lets us Angelenos explore outdoor malls like The Grove, where décor like giant star lanterns, a Santa Claus riding in his sleigh statue suspended above the fountain, and the occasional flurry of snow set the holiday spirit.


Pretty polished or perfectly cozy? What’s your holiday style?

My holiday style is a mix of polished and cozy. My perfect holiday uniform would be a chunky turtleneck sweater over a maxi dress or skirt for lounging in front of the fireplace and I’d top that off with astructural long coat for going out on a chilly night.

Dogeared Holiday Look 2


What was the last gift you received that touched your heart?

A collection of printed art books featuring some of the best moments between my boyfriend and me and one that photographically revealed his journey in finding my perfect present. The moments were so perfectly captured that they made me cry!


How do you add heart to the holidays?  What are your uniquely-you holiday traditions?

 Holidays are about celebrating and being closer with the ones you love, so every holiday activity like putting up Christmas decorations or picking out the tree is done together with my family and my boyfriend. I make it a point to spend more time with my younger siblings since they’re on Winter Break, whether we’re home watching Netflix or going out to a holiday concert. On Christmas Eve, my boyfriend and I visit one another’s families and at my house, we feast on a huge Chinese dinner and finish the night with opening presents with my younger siblings.

Dogeared Holiday Look 13

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Go Your Own Way


Set the mood with all the details.

Capture the spirit of exploration with unforgettable layers and scenic statement jewels.

IMG_2761 IMG_2726 IMG_2754 IMG_2779 IMG_2695 IMG_2776


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Dance To Your Own Beat


Feel the rhythm with all the right jewels. Silver and gold with a little soul…

IMG_2234 IMG_2217IMG_2264IMG_5898 IMG_5856 IMG_5803 IMG_5835 IMG_2260 IMG_2225 IMG_5884IMG_5822Shop-The-Trend

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Behind The Collection: Dogeared + Danielle LaPorte


Dogeared has been captivated by bestselling author and inspirational speaker, Danielle LaPorte, for a long time. Dogeared Founder + Creative Force, Marcia Maizel-Clarke, discovered Danielle’s online TRUTHBOMBS – short inspirational messages that are witty, powerful and insightful, and instantly saw a connection between the jewelry and her words.


Marcia started sending truthbombs around to the team at Dogeared in October 2012. The first one was #139 on October 25, 2012 – “Joy is Power”. By the time “French Kiss Life” came out in May 2014, Marcia said “it’s time” and wanted to find Danielle and talk about the potential to do a partnership together.


It was easy to visualize the truthbomb as they existed with a piece of Dogeared attached – a message, sentiment and striking simplicity all coupled together.


The Dogeared team invited Danielle to the Los Angeles  headquarters, reviewing truthbombs, charm options, sketching, talking about how to design the packaging, poetics and pulling the collaboration together. This design session was critical to designing Danielle’s exclusive “truthbomb” charm.


Danielle in the process of developing the exclusive “truthbomb” charm.

060911 1015

The graphic and design teams, working with input from Danielle, created the packaging that allows the customer to experience the combination of truthful poetics and conscious jewels.


In March, Marcia + Danielle  filmed “the making of the collection” in Malibu for a day of celebration – including champagne, a beautiful California sunset, good friends and good food.

IMG_0148 IMG_0162 IMG_0156 IMG_0027

Today, Dogeared + Danielle LaPorte are so excited to launch The #Truthbomb Collection.


 watch to learn more:


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Spring Soul


Capture the mood of the season and set yourself free! It starts with stunning silhouettes, layers of gold and little love.

Adorn yourself with delicate details and take in the elements around you.

IMG_2462 IMG_2577-filtered IMG_2440 IMG_2544 IMG_2474-cropped


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Live Free: Festival 2015


It’s more than a season…it’s a spirit!


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Relax. Go ahead – take the day to celebrate you. Sometimes the only escape you need is to stay put and cozy up.

Keep it simple with everyday essentials.

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