What Do You Do With Heart: Courtney of Pretty Little Fawn


A little more character, a little more love – it’s the little things that make the season sparkle. Courtney of Pretty Little Fawn tells us about her latest vintage find and her go-to holiday favorites.

What was your last “proof that ‘Good Things Happen’” thrifting find? 

I actually scored majorly just last week. I’ve been hunting for overalls for ages, and finally found a pair that doesn’t make me look like a farmer or a child! They’re just a little bit slim, and perfectly worn in. I’m so excited to shoot photos in them!


What Dogeared jewels will you pair with it?

I would for sure pair it with the hammered stacking rings and the Pearls of Love Necklace! So perfect, simple, and classic.


Describe your holiday style.

I definitely like to glam it up a bit for the holidays. I’m a jeans and tee shirt girl by nature, but a part of me will always really love glitter. I take the Holidays as a chance to basically dip myself in gold and sparkles!


What’s your favorite holiday movie? 

I think this may be on the top of most girl’s lists, but Love Actually never fails to put me in the right mood for the holidays. I pretty much take any chance to stare at Colin Firth in sweaters.


How do you add heart to your holiday? 

I add heart to my holiday by sending Christmas cards every year. It’s such a great tradition that my mom instilled in me, and I really do enjoy siting there and addressing cards to all of my friends and family. It’s very soothing!


What are your uniquely-you holiday traditions?

Because my family didn’t have a lot of money growing up, I got used to the idea of having a small tree, rather than some 8ft tall spruce. So every year I get a little Rosemary bush that’s shaped like a Christmas tree, and put it in my living room. I remember having a similar one when I was a kid, and plus it makes my whole apartment smell amazing!