Travel Charms

Meet Rebecca, our Design Manager at Dogeared. She recently took some well-deserved time off and hopped a plane to Europe! We sent along one of our Travel Charms necklaces to watch over her.

The Travel Charms are jewels to journey in – St. Christopher, the patron saint of safe travels and epic adventures & the Angel Wings to remind you that when in doubt…you can always wing it!

prague-to-vienna prague-flight
She shared photos with us and stories of how she “winged it”, letting her travels guide her, and not the other way around:

I had the pleasure to travel to central Europe for 10 days starting in Prague, then Vienna and finally to my favorite, Budapest. My goal for this vacation was to not plan a trip, but let the trip unfold authentically without expectation. Popping into a grand church or brunching at a viennese cafe on a whim is precisely what I found abroad. We jumped on a bus with no clue where it would end and got off only once we were lost enough not to be able to easily find our way back but instead discovering the most beautiful view of Budapest in a small park on a hillside.


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