700 Strong

Putting positive energy out there is the ultimate investment into a better world. Our Dogeared staff and community has long been involved in volunteering and giving back to causes that are near and dear to us and genuinely help others. Today, we are celebrating the success and accomplishments as a team by reaching over 700 hours of community and volunteering services since January! To date, the team has reached 744 hours through our involvement in opportunities including Heal the Bay, Locks of Love, Step Up Women’s Network, the American Cancer Society, Baby 2 Baby and the Do Good Bus.

Each event allows us to be a part of something greater. Our events are accessible and exciting, encouraging our entire team team to get involved and give back! Volunteering opportunities are chosen by our amazing “Karma in Action” team. The Karma in Action group meets once a month to determine events and opportunities for the company to be involved in and how to get employees to participate. The spirit of karma resonates through the program reminding staffers that “we are all connected.”

Since January, our Dogeared team has participated in team outings as well as individuals volunteering on their own time by assisting therapeutic riders at the Shadow Hills Riding Club raising funds for the Children’s Hospital on a monthly basis or mentoring and teaching at educational institutions.

Our program and Karma in Action team continue to inspire and encourage us to involve ourselves in causes that help those in need. We believe that everyone can be the change and help us create a better world!

Baby 2 Baby


From Lisa & Aubrey at Dogeared-

I wanted to share my volunteer day experience with our Facebook & Instagram followers. I volunteered at Baby2Baby. Baby2Baby helps families in need with essential baby gear and clothing for their children up to age 12. I helped sort through donations in their warehouse and get them organized. I even put a puzzle together to make sure that it had all of the necessary pieces…It didn’t. Good thing that I checked! Aubrey helped the first part of the day too!

Later in the day, Baby2Baby received a huge donation from Honest Company. Honest Company is a fellow B CORP based in Santa Monica! I really enjoyed lending a hand to a brand that I personally use and love! My little family is huge fan of everything that Honest makes! The Honest Company founders, Christopher Gavigan, Brian Lee & Jessica Alba all came to help! Jessica is also a board member and ambassador for Baby2Baby.

I was so happy to be able to help both Baby2Baby and Honest all in one day! Very rewarding!

Even Jessica Alba, one of the founders, lent a helping hand!