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Come Together


The original Make A Wish necklace defines Dogeared in many ways. It’s where we got our start, it’s what people remember most about us; the idea of making a wish and wearing a necklace as a reminder is quintessentially Dogeared. The Make A Wish necklace (both on chain & on silk) not only defines us, it is the ultimate form of self-expression for the wearer. With messages like, “Good Luck” “Accomplish Magnificent Things” & “You Are Mighty“, the necklaces take on a new meaning. They become a way to express your individuality and taste. Wearing your Make A Wish necklaces serve as a reminder of what’s important to YOU. Now, think of all you could say with layers! The opportunities are endless!

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Inside Edition: #goodthingshappen


The Beginning 

From the start, Marcia Maizel-Clarke, Dogeared’s Founder, Owner & all around Creative Force was intuitively capturing special moments and turning them into something more. Although it wasn’t a clear path to creating Dogeared, moments of her childhood forged a powerful idea of connection and it was something that would stick with her.

“Some of my earliest and fondest memories involved jewelry,” she recalled and “as a girl, my grandfather owned a pawnshop in downtown Las Vegas, near the Golden Nugget. We would go there, look around and try stuff on.  This was Vegas in the olden days, so there were some treasures! Such great exposure to so many unique things, the memories I have of that time make me smile.”

After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, working as a retail buyer at a major department store and then working in wholesale, she developed an understanding of what women want to wear and what makes an unforgettable gift. Marcia began making accessories as a creative outlet and started selling handcrafted designs at local flea markets.

Making The Connection

“It was never just about jewelry,” she notes and adds, “for me, Dogeared stems from the meaning behind the jewelry. A lot of times you’re writing a card for a gift and you can’t figure out what to say…Dogeared is all about giving people a voice.”

Marcia believes jewelry has a significant role in peoples’ lives. She says its “shown up in my life in many ways. From the age of 13 to Sweet Sixteen and my first boyfriend…you get what I’m saying. It’s that connection and those pieces – they’ve helped create my story.”


Make A Wish

One of Dogeared’s first and still most successful collections was based on a wish concept. Marcia and Merlin, her husband, had gone back and forth about this idea, where the charm is made to eventually fall off of its silk necklace. The meaning behind it is that when it does fall off, your wish should come true. They didn’t know if people would buy jewelry that wasn’t meant to last forever, but decided to try it! Marcia believes that “ultimately, it’s been a success because it has the power of belief behind it.  When you make a wish, you’re putting your energy towards something… to have that as a reminder is really powerful.”


The Next Beginning

“So, as you can tell,” Marcia laughs. “I’ve always believed in this stuff. I think everything has meaning and energy.” This is the core of her creative process. Marcia elaborates, ”Your journey will unwind and unfold to you, but the key is forward motion. After 23 years, I still believe good things happen.”


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Like A Charm


Simple but meaningful, charm necklaces add a chic touch to your personal style. Charms give you a great opportunity to express yourself through jewelry. Our Make A Wish Collection has endless options, start by finding ones that are significant to you as an individual. The Unicorn necklace speaks to someone who has a whimsical approach to life; wear a Wishbone as a reminder to believe and trust in your dreams. (I wear my Feather as a reminder that I am a free spirit at heart). The possibilities are endless… so have fun layering them on!


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Pop Culture


The best part about wearing a simple white t-shirt and jeans is that you get to make the rest of the look your own. Make your everyday style POP with color! The leather Balance bracelets and our beloved Make A Wish collection are perfect for that extra piece of personality. Punch up your palette with bracelets in every shade of spring.


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Dogeared in the Desert


Actress and musician, Katherine McPhee, can’t live without her Dogeared Make A Wish Infinity Bracelet and she showed it off this weekend in Palm Springs at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival! Wear this bracelet as a reminder that with infinite love comes infinite possibilities.

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Wish In The New Year


In case you haven’t noticed, we’re really into wishes at Dogeared. Make a wish for love, luck and good energy in 2014, and check out some of the wishful thinking we’ve been doing around the office lately!  (click to shop)


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Best Wishes


Sending you infinite wishes for 2014! Pile on the charm, layer on the love, and most importantly…wish big! Our signature Make A Wish Collection has been granting wishes for over 20 years! Each charm has it’s own meaning and motivation behind each wish. Our customers love them and we can’t get enough.

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Stand Out In Studs


We’ve got the hottest new studs in town! A bigger, better, eye-catching size – it’s the perfect pair! P.S. they come boxed, too!

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Nordstrom Catalog

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wish making


all new Make A Wish Bracelets to wish upon! / photo by @accessoriesonline

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