Like A Charm


Simple but meaningful, charm necklaces add a chic touch to your personal style. Charms give you a great opportunity to express yourself through jewelry. Our Make A Wish Collection has endless options, start by finding ones that are significant to you as an individual. The Unicorn necklace speaks to someone who has a whimsical approach to life; wear a Wishbone as a reminder to believe and trust in your dreams. (I wear my Feather as a reminder that I am a free spirit at heart). The possibilities are endless… so have fun layering them on!


Pop Culture


The best part about wearing a simple white t-shirt and jeans is that you get to make the rest of the look your own. Make your everyday style POP with color! The leather Balance bracelets and our beloved Make A Wish collection are perfect for that extra piece of personality. Punch up your palette with bracelets in every shade of spring.


Best Wishes


Sending you infinite wishes for 2014! Pile on the charm, layer on the love, and most importantly…wish big! Our signature Make A Wish Collection has been granting wishes for over 20 years! Each charm has it’s own meaning and motivation behind each wish. Our customers love them and we can’t get enough.

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