Gypsy Lovin Light


We can’t get enough of Aussie blogger (and honorary #dogearedMOM) Gypsy Lovin Light! Not only does this mom of two have obsession-worthy style, but the messages and mantras she shares in her writing are just so Dogeared, we had to share:

On motherhood: “Firstly I learnt how to simply slow down each day. I stopped comparing myself to other mothers and realised my pace was my pace, and that if I tried to go at someone else’s pace I would just crash. This change was huge! And my first major act of self-love.”

On love: “Following my passion is one way I show love to myself….sharing it is my way of inspiring self love to all who cross my path.”

On fashion: “A vintage style tee, some perfectly worn in denim cut offs, ankle boots, a felt fedora, messy braided hair, and a whole pile of silver! One of my favourite day to day outfits that is so easy to throw together and makes me feel as though I’m forever at a festival dancing up a storm to some awesome tunes.”


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