What Do You Do With Heart: Zolee Griggs



Take the holidays back a notch with the youthful, punchy styling of our latest influencer. Zolee Griggs shines a light on where she finds inspiration and her style.

In the almost season-less Southern California, do you change up your look season to season? How do you dress to get into the spirit of the holiday season?

I try to go with the seasons, but it’s very confusing in LA when it’s technically fall right now but it’s 90 degrees. The best way I cope with this is wearing seasonal fabrics like suede or corduroy, but I probably won’t be busting out any coats any times soon.




Where do you go or what do you do to reflect and find new meaning, inspiration and motivation? 

I find a lot of inspiration from social media actually. The Internet is such a vast place with new trends what seem like daily, it seems hard to keep up. What I do is look at outfits or clothing pieces that I like and imagine how I can incorporate it into my wardrobe. I get a lot of motivation from my audience honestly. They’re always by my side and always give me new ideas! Its like having a bunch of friends and sisters over the internet that always wanna help you out and play dress up with you.




How do you add heart to your holidays? What are your uniquely-you holiday traditions?

I like to give back during the holidays! I think it’s best everyone feels warm and fuzzy inside no matter the circumstances! Plus it makes me happy to see others happy! Traditionally I spend time with my family for the holidays and we all get together to be appreciative of one another.