What Do You Do With Heart: Jordan of Ramshackle Glam


In search of the balance between fun, fresh and classic style, Jordan Reid shares a little of her holiday spirit. P.S. It’s filled with heart.

What’s inspiring you this holiday season?

Since it’s our first holiday season as residents of the West Coast – we just moved out to the Bay Area from Westchester – it’s going to be a little weird not having all those seasonal markers (snow, cold weather, etc). So I’m trying to get inspired to make my home as cozy and festive as possible despite the palm trees and blue skies outside – which means I’m going to be putting way more effort into my holiday decor than usual. I may even pick up a can of that spray-on snow stuff.


What are you most looking forward to this holiday? 

It’s the first year that my daughter is going to be old enough to join in the excitement – she’s one and a half, and my son is four – so I’m really excited to have it be all about the kids. I’m also looking forward to putting up the tree – the day the tree goes up is one of my favorite days all year long.


Are you a traditionalist or experimental in your seasonal celebration style? 

I’ve always fantasized about getting all experimental with my decor – a white (or even hot pink) tree, for example – but I can’t do it. The holidays, to me, are about traditions, and putting up the same decor elements that have been a part of the season to me since I was a kid is a big part of that. I love my old, ugly Christmas ornaments.


How do you add heart to your holidays? What are your uniquely-you holiday traditions?

By making the decision to pick and choose what events to go to so that we can spend the bulk of our time hanging out at home as a family. Chinese take-out, a screening of Elf, homemade cookies, wrapping presents next to the tree – for me, it doesn’t get any better than that.


What’s are the gifts you’re most excited to give this season?

If I told you, I’d ruin the surprise :). But I’m thinking about making a few batches of limoncello from the fruit tree in my yard to hand out to neighbors, and am all about the California cuff earring for my girlfriends.