The Journey of Pink Links

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible”


They did it!!! And Dogeared was honored to follow along Pink Links’ journey as they successfully completed 40 miles for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in NYC last weekend! Congratulations to such an inspiring and joyful group of women who raised over $71,000, making Pink Links the 4th largest fundraising team. Truly an incredible accomplishment! The ladies were bonded by strength in numbers. Their motivation for this year’s walk was fellow Pink Link and recently diagnosed friend, Hillary Kaplan in addition to other special women in their lives.

hillary-sends-off-pink-links   send-off

Hillary Kaplan, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2013, served as an incredible inspiration for her Pink Links friends & teammates. She wears one of the 70 custom Dogeared necklaces (above) sent to the team to wear & share with fellow walkers along the way. Hillary surprised the team by leaving 6 personal notes for them to open as they reached milestones throughout their journey. Photo: With lots of love and support, Hillary sent off Pink Links to NYC. 


Early morning sunrise on day 1 of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.


Left--lost-her-mom-and-grandmother-to-breast-cancer--Right--had-a-proof-lactic-mastectomy-and-sister-of-a-survivor   Multi-year-walker-going-in-for-surgery-soon-and-our-team-leader-Amy-Rollins-

Pink Links shared custom Dogeared necklaces with other supporters, survivors, family members & friends along the way.

From left to right: 1. Fellow walker who lost her mom and grandmother to breast cancer receives a necklace from a Pink Link who had a prophylactic mastectomy and is also a sister of a survivor  2. Multi-year walker going in for surgery soon with Pink Links team leader, Amy Rollins  3. Renee Sherman on the left is a 5-year survivor  4. Gerri Rothfleisch, whose mom is undergoing treatment now, provides a Dogeared necklace to another survivor along the journey.

Renee-Sherman-on-the-left-is-a-5-year-survivor   Survivor-and-Gerri-Rothfleisch-whose-mom-is-undergoing-treatment-now-morning-of-day-2

Day 2 brought lots of excitement as Pink Links neared the finish line!


In the words of Pink Links:

“Each and every one of you made a difference!  You made a difference by raising funds-which will directly impact breast cancer research, funding, meals for patients with breast cancer, hospitals, etc.  You have made a difference by giving a necklace to someone who needed hope, inspiration- or someone who inspired you.  You made a difference by showing Hillary your love, support & dedication at a time when she needs it most.”

“Together…We were a movement!  We certainly made an impact with our presence on this journey.  While we may not have been the first ones in…we did it together- and we were truly there for each other every step of the way- beautiful!!!”

“What a blessing to feel the love and intense emotion of the love and friendship that surged throughout this team.”

“What a rush!!! What a special weekend! What wonderful women!”

“I have to say that among my favorites was passing out the Dogeared necklaces.  I loved that we all had many chances to put a smile on people’s faces.”


The Pink Links ladies were greeted with LOTS of smiles from their families at the finish line as they were reminded why they do what they do – it’s all for love! Thank you to Pink Links for sharing your stories with us, you’ve truly touched our lives. xo