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Never Forget

Today we remember September 11, 2001. Always in our hearts.

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Made in America

Our nation now comes together to rally support for Team USA, and with the Olympic spirit fueling our pride, we are reminded of its power to unify us. Our country’s biggest rivalries are quieted for a few weeks as we stand behind just one team… America.

The commitment and pride given to our athletes showcases the same type of support we should offer to companies driving the success of businesses and workers in America. It takes a country of people and consumers – growing companies, creating local jobs, making products locally and sustainably – to flourish. Without this, we risk depleting the strength of our country – and unraveling the fabric that makes us so unique.

Olympic athletes train with a vision to be the best. As consumers, our economy wins when we “Buy American.” It becomes our responsibility to seek labels and products made by our friends and neighbors. Although not easy, convenient or always realistic, every conscious decision to do this makes us stronger. It strengthens us and stabilizes the foundation for a successful economy.

“Made in the U.S.A.” has always been at the core of Dogeared’s vision and identity. Over the last 21 years, our pride has grown with our business, and we embrace our philosophy to keep jobs at home, source products locally, use eco-friendly production and serve our communities responsibly. We are a Certified American “B” Corporation, holding our business accountable to comprehensive social and environmental performance standards while taking care of our own employees.

With the spirit of unity igniting our pride, America is poised for success in the Olympic games. This is the inspiration for Dogeared’s ‘Go For The Gold’ collection – celebrating the qualities like passion and drive that can elevate anyone to a higher level, including athletes, companies and individuals. The very concept of going for the gold is simply about striving to reach your highest potential. We celebrate those that give their all, take ownership of who they are and what they are capable of. As we continue this journey, always remember to celebrate life’s victories with pride and spirit.

-Merlin Clarke
Owner, Dogeared

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