Super Bowl Brownies


Are you ready for some football?! Make your Super Bowl Weekend extra sweet with these fun & easy football brownies! Our resident baker, Dear Liza’s, walks us through the simple steps:

Ingredients (Makes 12):

1 Box Brownie Mix
Vegetable Oil
Football cookie cutter
1 vanilla frosting (store bought or see recipe for homemade)

IMG_0113-sq IMG_0141-sq-1 


To make these quick and delicious football brownies start by coating a 9×13 glass or metal pan with a non-stick cooking spray and set aside. Follow directions on the box to make the brownies (brands may vary) or here is a recipe I like to use for homemade. Once your ingredients are mixed together, add some chocolate chips to make them extra chocolatey!


Once brownies are cooked and completely cooled, use your football cookie cutter to cut out your individual footballs. Set aside on a piece of wax paper while you prepare your frosting.


IMG_0229 IMG_0235

To decorate your footballs, take a sandwich size zip loc bag (or a piping bag) and fill with vanilla frosting. Try to keep the frosting towards one corner of the bag. Close the bag and twist the top, pushing the frosting down towards the corner. Cut a small tip off the end of the bag. (If you’re using a piping bag I recommend a #8 or #9 tip.)


Start by creating a half circle on each side of the football. Then pipe a straight line across the middle. I chose to do 4 vertical lines but you can do however many you would like. Plate and serve!


For order info & more homemade desserts, follow @dearlizas on Instagram.

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