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A Love Like No Other

Dogeared has always been one big family – but did you know some of our teammates are actually family… as in related?


We sat down with them to chat about what it’s like to work together. These are some of the heartfelt moments we shared.


How would you describe yourself as a mother?

“Being a mom was the one thing that I ever wanted to do in the world… so I take it very seriously.” – Dede Lindeheimer, Molly’s mom


As a mother, I am…

“Supportive… I care about my kids, about their success in life. I push them to be the best because that’s what we do… mother’s support their kids.  I love them with all my heart.” – Ana Nunez, Kathleen’s mother


How would you describe your mother? 

“She is a blessing.” – Maribel, Nancy Garcia’s daughter


Our mother is like…

“Hulk – she’s been through so much and she’s still so strong. She’s also like a waterfall because she always goes with the flow.” – Ivan and Omar, Veronica’s sons


What do you want your mom to know?

“I love her and she’s the best.” – Letty and Luis, Aidee’s children

“I love her and thank you for everything.” – Ivan and Omar


I want to say…

Thank you for helping me with my daughter… you are always there for me. – Griselda

Thank you for believing in me when no one else would. I love you so much, I don’t tell you enough. You always put me first, and the do my best to do the same for you. – Kathleen

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We hope these moments are a reminder to tell your mom how much she means to you, today and every chance you get.

Happy Mother’s Day!

xo, Dogeared

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What Do You Do With Heart: Lisa of Lunchpails + Lipstick



What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

I could say the cliche answer of family (which is true), but really…sweaters and falling asleep with the windows open. We don’t get enough cool weather here in Southern California. Anything below 65 degrees makes me want to decorate the house and listen to Justin Beiber’s Christmas album (in a sweater with my windows open of course)!


Both of you have a beauty and fitness background, what are some things you’ll rely on this season to stay healthy. Meditation, wellness, skin/beauty… let us know.

We believe in staying consistent with your workout routines, especially during the hectic holidays. If you stay on track, you won’t feel the guilt of stuffing your face with treats. As far as beauty goes…hydrate! Moisture masks from Glamglow and I recently picked up this Head to Toe Balm from Trader Joe’s and it’s AMAZING! My hands feel so smooth and it’s not greasy. Best $4 I’ve ever spent.


What are some gifts you’re most excited to give?

 I love to give gifts that have meaning. For years I’ve given the Dogeared friendship and love necklaces out to those that hold a special place in my heart. All three of my daughters want Hover boards this year…I’m not nearly as excited to give those out..


How do you add heart to your holidays? What are your uniquely-you holiday traditions?

Last year we spent Christmas Eve morning at a women’s shelter. We fed the families, sang with them and gave each family a basket filled with some essentials as well as fun gifts for the kids. It was great to see my girls walk in excited about the people they would meet. It’s always good to give back, especially around the holidays.

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What Do You Do With Heart: Stephanie Liu of Honey N’ Silk


With a lovely mix of polished and cozy classics, she’s perfected California style. Stephanie Liu, of Honey and Silk shares with us what she cherishes the most about the holidays.

Curated Blogger Collection | Dogeared


In Southern California, where it’s fairly sunny year-round and the weather rarely differs tremendously, how do you get into the spirit of the holidays?  

I get into the holiday spirit as soon as I bring out my Christmas decorations, like my garlands and gold reindeer statues, and set them around the house. Also, the beauty of sunny weather all-year-round lets us Angelenos explore outdoor malls like The Grove, where décor like giant star lanterns, a Santa Claus riding in his sleigh statue suspended above the fountain, and the occasional flurry of snow set the holiday spirit.


Pretty polished or perfectly cozy? What’s your holiday style?

My holiday style is a mix of polished and cozy. My perfect holiday uniform would be a chunky turtleneck sweater over a maxi dress or skirt for lounging in front of the fireplace and I’d top that off with astructural long coat for going out on a chilly night.

Dogeared Holiday Look 2


What was the last gift you received that touched your heart?

A collection of printed art books featuring some of the best moments between my boyfriend and me and one that photographically revealed his journey in finding my perfect present. The moments were so perfectly captured that they made me cry!


How do you add heart to the holidays?  What are your uniquely-you holiday traditions?

 Holidays are about celebrating and being closer with the ones you love, so every holiday activity like putting up Christmas decorations or picking out the tree is done together with my family and my boyfriend. I make it a point to spend more time with my younger siblings since they’re on Winter Break, whether we’re home watching Netflix or going out to a holiday concert. On Christmas Eve, my boyfriend and I visit one another’s families and at my house, we feast on a huge Chinese dinner and finish the night with opening presents with my younger siblings.

Dogeared Holiday Look 13

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Music To Get You MERRY!


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