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2016 Social Impact Report

looking back to look ahead

your purchases help us create opportunities to give back. here’s what we did together in 2016. we are excited to make more good things happen in 2017!





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What Do You Do With Heart: Lisa of Lunchpails + Lipstick



What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

I could say the cliche answer of family (which is true), but really…sweaters and falling asleep with the windows open. We don’t get enough cool weather here in Southern California. Anything below 65 degrees makes me want to decorate the house and listen to Justin Beiber’s Christmas album (in a sweater with my windows open of course)!


Both of you have a beauty and fitness background, what are some things you’ll rely on this season to stay healthy. Meditation, wellness, skin/beauty… let us know.

We believe in staying consistent with your workout routines, especially during the hectic holidays. If you stay on track, you won’t feel the guilt of stuffing your face with treats. As far as beauty goes…hydrate! Moisture masks from Glamglow and I recently picked up this Head to Toe Balm from Trader Joe’s and it’s AMAZING! My hands feel so smooth and it’s not greasy. Best $4 I’ve ever spent.


What are some gifts you’re most excited to give?

 I love to give gifts that have meaning. For years I’ve given the Dogeared friendship and love necklaces out to those that hold a special place in my heart. All three of my daughters want Hover boards this year…I’m not nearly as excited to give those out..


How do you add heart to your holidays? What are your uniquely-you holiday traditions?

Last year we spent Christmas Eve morning at a women’s shelter. We fed the families, sang with them and gave each family a basket filled with some essentials as well as fun gifts for the kids. It was great to see my girls walk in excited about the people they would meet. It’s always good to give back, especially around the holidays.

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What Do You Do With Heart: Jordan of Ramshackle Glam


In search of the balance between fun, fresh and classic style, Jordan Reid shares a little of her holiday spirit. P.S. It’s filled with heart.

What’s inspiring you this holiday season?

Since it’s our first holiday season as residents of the West Coast – we just moved out to the Bay Area from Westchester – it’s going to be a little weird not having all those seasonal markers (snow, cold weather, etc). So I’m trying to get inspired to make my home as cozy and festive as possible despite the palm trees and blue skies outside – which means I’m going to be putting way more effort into my holiday decor than usual. I may even pick up a can of that spray-on snow stuff.


What are you most looking forward to this holiday? 

It’s the first year that my daughter is going to be old enough to join in the excitement – she’s one and a half, and my son is four – so I’m really excited to have it be all about the kids. I’m also looking forward to putting up the tree – the day the tree goes up is one of my favorite days all year long.


Are you a traditionalist or experimental in your seasonal celebration style? 

I’ve always fantasized about getting all experimental with my decor – a white (or even hot pink) tree, for example – but I can’t do it. The holidays, to me, are about traditions, and putting up the same decor elements that have been a part of the season to me since I was a kid is a big part of that. I love my old, ugly Christmas ornaments.


How do you add heart to your holidays? What are your uniquely-you holiday traditions?

By making the decision to pick and choose what events to go to so that we can spend the bulk of our time hanging out at home as a family. Chinese take-out, a screening of Elf, homemade cookies, wrapping presents next to the tree – for me, it doesn’t get any better than that.


What’s are the gifts you’re most excited to give this season?

If I told you, I’d ruin the surprise :). But I’m thinking about making a few batches of limoncello from the fruit tree in my yard to hand out to neighbors, and am all about the California cuff earring for my girlfriends.

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What Do You Do With Heart: Sarah Sherman Samuel of Stories

Known for her effortless yet distinctively thoughtful style, Stories blogger Sarah Sherman Samuel shares what’s inspiring her this holiday season.


Where will you be spending your holidays?

We usually head back to my hometown in Michigan to visit my parents and see the snow but this year we are sticking around LA as a new family of three.

 Describe your seasonal style. 

My seasonal style is a lot like my normal style but with a little more gold and sequins.

 Can you tell us what’s inspiring you this season?

I love seeing layered textures and subtle pattern on pattern action. The holidays are a perfect time to layer it up with knits, quilted fabrics, gingham, and a little bit of shine.



How will you add heart to your holiday? What’s your uniquely-you holiday traditions? 

Growing up we  always had the tradition of opening one present on the night of Christmas Eve and I have continued that on as an adult. It is fun to pick something small or something extra special and give a gift that has the receivers full attention.

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What Do You Do With Heart: Zolee Griggs



Take the holidays back a notch with the youthful, punchy styling of our latest influencer. Zolee Griggs shines a light on where she finds inspiration and her style.

In the almost season-less Southern California, do you change up your look season to season? How do you dress to get into the spirit of the holiday season?


I try to go with the seasons, but it’s very confusing in LA when it’s technically fall right now but it’s 90 degrees. The best way I cope with this is wearing seasonal fabrics like suede or corduroy, but I probably won’t be busting out any coats any times soon.




Where do you go or what do you do to reflect and find new meaning, inspiration and motivation? 

I find a lot of inspiration from social media actually. The Internet is such a vast place with new trends what seem like daily, it seems hard to keep up. What I do is look at outfits or clothing pieces that I like and imagine how I can incorporate it into my wardrobe. I get a lot of motivation from my audience honestly. They’re always by my side and always give me new ideas! Its like having a bunch of friends and sisters over the internet that always wanna help you out and play dress up with you.




How do you add heart to your holidays? What are your uniquely-you holiday traditions?

I like to give back during the holidays! I think it’s best everyone feels warm and fuzzy inside no matter the circumstances! Plus it makes me happy to see others happy! Traditionally I spend time with my family for the holidays and we all get together to be appreciative of one another.


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What Do You Do With Heart: Courtney of Pretty Little Fawn

A little more character, a little more love – it’s the little things that make the season sparkle. Courtney of Pretty Little Fawn tells us about her latest vintage find and her go-to holiday favorites.


What was your last “proof that ‘Good Things Happen’” thrifting find? 

I actually scored majorly just last week. I’ve been hunting for overalls for ages, and finally found a pair that doesn’t make me look like a farmer or a child! They’re just a little bit slim, and perfectly worn in. I’m so excited to shoot photos in them!


What Dogeared jewels will you pair with it?

I would for sure pair it with the hammered stacking rings and the Pearls of Love Necklace! So perfect, simple, and classic.


Describe your holiday style.

I definitely like to glam it up a bit for the holidays. I’m a jeans and tee shirt girl by nature, but a part of me will always really love glitter. I take the Holidays as a chance to basically dip myself in gold and sparkles!


What’s your favorite holiday movie? 

I think this may be on the top of most girl’s lists, but Love Actually never fails to put me in the right mood for the holidays. I pretty much take any chance to stare at Colin Firth in sweaters.


How do you add heart to your holiday? 

I add heart to my holiday by sending Christmas cards every year. It’s such a great tradition that my mom instilled in me, and I really do enjoy siting there and addressing cards to all of my friends and family. It’s very soothing!


What are your uniquely-you holiday traditions?

Because my family didn’t have a lot of money growing up, I got used to the idea of having a small tree, rather than some 8ft tall spruce. So every year I get a little Rosemary bush that’s shaped like a Christmas tree, and put it in my living room. I remember having a similar one when I was a kid, and plus it makes my whole apartment smell amazing!

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What Do You Do With Heart: Molly Madfis of Almost Makes Perfect

She puts a new spin on ultra-creative with sweet style and positive vibes. Almost Makes Perfect talks making with meaning and gifting with love.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

What are you making this holiday season?

I love designing printable gift tags, because I usually hate the ones i could buy. i also love pretty presents under the tree, so this year i decided i’m going neutral and using brown kraft paper with black ribbon and elements from nature like leaves. the prettier the outside of the present, the slower they’ll unwrap it.

Do you have a favorite holiday dish? To eat and/or to make and why?

My husband makes the best chestnut sausage stuffing EVER. i look forward to it all year long. i’m always in charge of dessert and usually try a new thing ever year, but i recently decided i’m starting a new tradition that i’ll being making bread pudding, and then it will be molly’s famous bread pudding and someday mom’s famous bread pudding. i just have to try making bread pudding first.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Tell us… what’s on the ‘Almost Makes’ holiday mixtape?

I love christmas music so much — the second we pull out the decorations box i blast ‘em. my all time favorite songs are happy xmas (john lennon), santa baby (eartha kitt) and santa clause got stuck in my chimney (ella fitzgerald).

How do you add heart to your holiday? What are your uniquely-you holiday traditions?

I’m reaaaaally into thoughtful gifting. I keep notes on my phone all year long and write down anytime someone mentions wanting or needing something. If someone in my life mentions they don’t have a trivet, they’ll be getting a trivet next christmas.

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What Do You Do With Heart: Stephanie Liu of Honey N’ Silk


With a lovely mix of polished and cozy classics, she’s perfected California style. Stephanie Liu, of Honey and Silk shares with us what she cherishes the most about the holidays.

Curated Blogger Collection | Dogeared


In Southern California, where it’s fairly sunny year-round and the weather rarely differs tremendously, how do you get into the spirit of the holidays?  

I get into the holiday spirit as soon as I bring out my Christmas decorations, like my garlands and gold reindeer statues, and set them around the house. Also, the beauty of sunny weather all-year-round lets us Angelenos explore outdoor malls like The Grove, where décor like giant star lanterns, a Santa Claus riding in his sleigh statue suspended above the fountain, and the occasional flurry of snow set the holiday spirit.


Pretty polished or perfectly cozy? What’s your holiday style?

My holiday style is a mix of polished and cozy. My perfect holiday uniform would be a chunky turtleneck sweater over a maxi dress or skirt for lounging in front of the fireplace and I’d top that off with astructural long coat for going out on a chilly night.

Dogeared Holiday Look 2


What was the last gift you received that touched your heart?

A collection of printed art books featuring some of the best moments between my boyfriend and me and one that photographically revealed his journey in finding my perfect present. The moments were so perfectly captured that they made me cry!


How do you add heart to the holidays?  What are your uniquely-you holiday traditions?

 Holidays are about celebrating and being closer with the ones you love, so every holiday activity like putting up Christmas decorations or picking out the tree is done together with my family and my boyfriend. I make it a point to spend more time with my younger siblings since they’re on Winter Break, whether we’re home watching Netflix or going out to a holiday concert. On Christmas Eve, my boyfriend and I visit one another’s families and at my house, we feast on a huge Chinese dinner and finish the night with opening presents with my younger siblings.

Dogeared Holiday Look 13

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Inside Edition: Part 4 with Marcia


The idea of togetherness and family ties together everything we do at Dogeared. From our collections to the meaning behind each piece, to relationships and our commitment to the environment and communities – all are established with the core intent of connection and being a part of something greater.

Marcia explains, “I think the best way to achieve that is to have a positive attitude, good intent and karmic kindness. This is our process and it’s how we’ve created our own good luck.”

quote Good-Luck-Elephant

The Good Luck Elephant is a direct reflection of this way of thinking. Marcia loves to wear this piece. She says, “For me, he’s so strong — big but so kind and wise. Elephants are loving and loyal… And when their trunks are up, they’re showering you with good luck. At Dogeared, we all want to have those qualities!”

Marcia considers this one of her lucky charms, and if you didn’t already assume this — she has many more! “When I travel, I have a little key fob thing that me and my girlfriends pass around…. it has many charms on it, Dogeared and others. I wear my ‘Not to Worry Beads’ when I’m looking for strength to do whatever it is I’m trying to accomplish that day.”


Karma is another collection that encompasses the beauty and philosophy of Dogeared. Marcia explains, “It’s all about the circle, what it symbolizes and basically the idea of what goes around comes around. It’s a powerful icon because it conveys wholeness and completeness and totality. When we created the Karma collection, I knew it would be classic, but I didn’t think it would have the longevity and success that we’ve seen…. I’m sort of still in awe of it. This is my go-to gift — you can give it to anyone and wear it with anything!”

quote2 MMC-and-Merlin

Family and relationships complete Dogeared’s circle. It should come to no surprise that the Karma collection reminds Marcia of her husband, Merlin. “He’s a really amazing human being. He came into my life for a reason or many reasons, and he’s taught me so much about life and doing good things. At his essence, he’s truly kind and generous. It’s part of his being and being in a lifelong partnership with him has really opened up my eyes to a lot.”

So whether it’s love, luck, positive energy, wishes or karma, Marcia started Dogeared with the intent to provide women with real style and meaningful messages. Our jewelry really captures the best of good things….it’s what makes us Dogeared.

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Inside Edition: Part 3 with Marcia


“Right now, I think Balance is one of the hottest concepts we have.” Marcia explains, “It’s such an easy piece to wear and every person I have ever met will tell you that they are personally striving for balance. It resonates with a lot of people.”

Seeking harmony amongst all the complicated aspects of life is a universal desire that we all seem to strive for. We sat down with Marcia to try and gain some insight as to how this mom, wife, business owner & philanthropist maintains balance in her own life. “It’s about continuing to move forward,” she explains.



“For me, it’s not so much about balancing your time. It’s about balancing your energy and making sure that you are giving appropriate energy to the different parts of your life. Whether it’s your kids, your husband, work, and of course yourself – it’s about figuring out where your focus needs to be and when, that’s what it’s more about to me.”


Always sounding easier said than done, Marcia elaborates on how she does it. “You have to keep doing things that allow the energy to flow both ways. That’s why it’s so important to give back. When you’re involved with non-profits and actually go out into your community, you’re getting so much energy in return that it’s like you have this storage bank of goodness. When you have that, you’re able to give that energy back to the people in your life who need it. That includes yourself.”

“I’m not gonna lie, I have amazing support in my life. We have amazing people that support what we’re doing and trying to do, including our Dogeared family, but it’s all about doing what feels right. I think if it feels right and it’s forward motion, it doesn’t always have to BE right.”


Personal favorites from the collection? “The balance tube bracelet: it’s so easy to put on with the magnet, and it looks amazing. It gets on so fast that it actually makes your life easier! I also wear the balance bar earrings all the time. This collection really speaks to the minimalist trend we’re seeing on women right now. I think a good strategy for fashion and life is just, ‘Keep things real, pretty, easy, and balanced.'”


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